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Picking up the dirty laundry...Excerpt One Draft

No...!!!? he whispered - softly and unexpectidedly - out loud - to himself. He forgot to hit save as he went - and this was after all - a computer - with a hard disk. 

"Fuck me Jesus" - he said under his breath. He had maybe 20 minuets max to unscrew the laptop - break the "do not remove" tape and replace the existing hard drive - with the one he had in his suit - chest, bespoke pocket. 

What... was worse - was (the fact) they knew he'd fuck it up. More than one way to skin a cat..."Ugh, - I'm an idiot" he said -- very audible this time - as if he could give a shit less - if he were caught or not.

He reached for his left hand - pant pocket and brought out the tiny screw drivers you use when you need to fix a senior's eyeglasses - they were in a nifty kit - like a sewing one. He toiled at once - but forgot the scotch tape, fucking naturally. 

Brenda was looking through the window past the open drapes - she saw him physically, emphatically, demonstratively roll his eyes up - with the whites showing for more than really what was normal - from 100 or more meters out..."What an idiot" - she said to no one in particular, as the cat just about did - the exact same gesture in acknowledgment of her statement.

All the screws in various sizes - lengths and widths were sprawled across the oversized partner desk. How anyone could stand looking at that woman - he imagined there - with her back to the Chicago skyline - backlit like a torch - he couldn't figure. 

But, there he was - imagining the curve of her lip (he was a filthy pig) - just then with his left thumbnail - he popped open the keyboard bracket and his disgusting mouth was a gasp as he stared at the mechanics. Hard to tackle this - left handed - he thought to himself.

He'd exchange the hard drive - the tape would be left broken and - Hell, he was happy when 1/3 of the screws that he could actually see without his reading glasses - looked normal to the naked eye when Avery would open it tomorrow - even if he did? What did he care at this point - this whole thing was so stupid.

He went out through the master bedroom - to the joint bathroom - then washed his hands. He took a good hard look at himself in the mirror (however distracted by all the shinny knickknacks) and said even louder - "Honey, I'm done being sick - you still out there?"

A voice from the other side said sweetly - "I'm here, can I do anything for you?"

"Nah", he replied. Just give me a sec. 

He opened the door and she half way smiled with just - the one corner of her mouth.

Charlotte grabbed his right arm and through the hall - down the stairs they went dashing back to the cocktail already in progress. It was only 19:30 there or 7:30 p.m. to him - he was American Brenda was not...

The lady in the building across the way exhaled her drag - dramatically very slowly and rang the buzzer - not the bell -for the night maid. And - in the woman came to zip Madame up. Then they were off - the maid delftly down to get the lift and the butler - ever so gingerly - covering those buttery, bare shoulders with that blonde Russian sable - you'd think he'd slept in it himself - the way he was oddly so familiar with it.

Brenda didn't glide when she walked - nor did she prance. She was very heavy footed - heal mostly. Well, it's what one heard before they "smelled" her coming. She mixed Cartier's "So Pretty" with Givenchy's "Amarage" this scent and it's affect - was/is unforgettable.

In a moment Charlotte was laughing and throwing her head back - at a not so funny joke someone - drinking for an hour would tell a beautiful redhead to keep her attention...but - as she did this - one eye was on that girl and Char wasn't going to let her out of her sight.


The Rose by Shawne Fielding

And, in not so much as - a deafening blow of goodbye - it was all over, the harsh reality of wishes - simply never able to be fulfilled - was no longer a stride in his step - she was gone from his grasp. One held - in assumption - tightly by his pride.

Broken ribs again - her histories of non intended therapies - inflicted, simple, really ... "accidents" or serious - and then there was the physical abuse...of her body - her face - years worn to withers - done by insecure men - for whom the sun rose and set on her obedience - to a parade long passed by - as she cared not for brutisism and bow downs and only her independence.

These fractured ribs kept her from laughing or crying. 

As - she was never held as a delicate blooming bud - but - only as the perfect finished, stiffened rose to be hardenly displayed. This - is of which she was never - and, therefore... left un-nurtured was conditioned to accept harsher climates of men's tortured souls.

It was her body - the road map of Frost's path - and somehow - it did make all the difference - but it didn't matter - she was exhausted from the life's journey - at only 46 -- and if the walls could talk they would  illustrate why she was a treasure.


Shawne Fielding's take on Donald Trump

It’s an unwritten diplomatic rule that one does not criticise the POTHUS on foreign soil. Love me or hate me, love American’s or hate Americans, the fact remains that the election of the President Of The United States impacts the World…love it or hate it, one must accept it. So, let’s have a conversation about it. Just what in the hell is going on over there in America?
There are two major parties in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans or GOP an acronym, Grand Old Party. There is an Independent Party that arrises during some election years - but no third party (Independent) candidate has ever been elected POTUS.
I am what you call a “swing” voter meaning I have never stuck to one party or the other making my inbox a nightmare during election years. I personally have voted respectively as such, Bush (R), Perot (I), Clinton (D), Bush (R), Bush (R), skipped an election, Obama (D). 
The reason the “R’s” out number the D’s and I’s is because my father was close to the the Bush Family. But, a strange thing to see is that after 8 years of one party, I have tended to change my mind and vote for the opposite party in the next time around.
Naturally, I was not surprised to learn that typically, in an US election after 8 years of 2 term elected incumbent (amtsinhaber) President, Americans tend to vote for the opposing party . Meaning if we have had 8 years of the same Republican President we will now vote for the Democratic Nominee. The US  has had 8 years of President Obama and conventional wisdom now dictates that the American People will now elect a Republican.
Take a deep breath…..it’s a numbers game.
Since the year 1856, there have been 16 US Presidential elections following a 2 term incumbent US President. And, in 11 of those races when the incumbent US President was not on the ballot - The American People voted for the other party to come in an make sweeping changes. This phenonomen has become less advantages to the Democrat Party since World War II as a result. 
Why you may ask? 
It is because The XXII Amendment to the US Constitution ratified only in 1951- states that, “No person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice…” This law was the result of President Franklin D.Roosevelt having served 4 terms as POTUS until his death after the Great Depression and WWII from years 1933-1945. 
It’s been stated that another reason for this new law, some 60 odd years ago in the US was to make certain that no perception of an American Monarchy should be conveyed Internationally or Nationally. The United States was formed in 1776 after the American Revolutionary War in 1775 to break away from British Monarchy Rule.
What happened to the missing 5 times that could have been chances for the same party to vote in a same party President? 
*******Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, FDR was President 4 times and died in office and so on.
On that glum note, the chances of a Republican President being elected this year is not something I would bet against. Consequently, I have no issue with that - as it seems to be the natural course - the ebb and flow of our National American Psyche - in with the new and out with the old. 
But, the consequence is that I get Donald J. Trump.
So, this explains the inexplicable…?
Yes, it is the only rational way in my mind that Trump is sweeping the Nation as the Republican Nominee no matter what he says or does. He was the not the strongest voice from the get go for the Republican Party but he was the loudest. He is the loudest. And, in typical brash American manner love it or hate it - it is the way it is.
Fortunately, the US have a 2 major party system that that usually is an equalising stablizer and the country seems to be divided as it always is - the vote for POTUS comes down to highly contested states, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, The Virginias and Florida. You may remember from an old history book that Bush only narrowly defeated Gore, a former Vice President for Clinton in Florida. If you haven’t googled the term “hanging chad guy” stop what you’re doing and do it now. These are the people at elect the President of the United States and it is what it is…
The average US Citizen has no idea about the history of electing a President. Normally children vote for the party heir parents voted for, blue collar workers for Dems and white collar for the GOP. We all know the stereo types, the redneck Texan is the Republican, the jewish person from New York is the Democrat. But sometimes Democrats agree with Republicans when Ronald Regan tore down The Berlin Wall - we all applauded. When JFK said “Ich bin ein Berliner” the hearts of Republicans swelled. So is this like Shakespeare? Much to do about nothing? 
Yes and No.
In Switzerland - let’s face it…..(now is the time to pause and get another cup of coffee…)
In our perception as Swiss we can not believe that one half of the American people are so misinformed as to vote Republican. And, yet the Congress, Senate, the majority of State Governors and members of The Supreme Court were, until the death of Scalia - Republican, meaning more conservative then liberal. The court is spit now 4-4 with Scalia’s seat vacant. 
President Obama has the opportunity to appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court now - while he is obviously in office but - most likely a liberal won’t be confirmed by the Republican/conservative senate. 
That is precisely why President Obama is suggesting moderates up for their liking. As much as it is unprecedented - that the US senate would block Obama’s appointment they will try because they are all conservatives and Obama is a liberal. Most pundits (people in the news) can see road blocks being thrown up with the Republican senate and congress if Obama’s choice is not to their approval. But if you have learned anything so far from reading this, you know Americans amends their laws and their Constitution as they go along - when necessary, anything is possible. 
But, how did all the other political offices besides POTUS become Republican during President Obama’s Term? Simple. Republicans vote in mid-term elections every two years for all these other offices besides POTUS and they vote for President every four years. Democrats (unfortunately) in previous years did not get to the polls for the mid-term elections, only for the Presidential elections - even though President Obama pleaded with me and the rest of the American people to VOTE.  President Obama told us frequently with fair warning - his words fell on deaf ears, I don’t vote in the midterms - I never have. Seems like I’m not alone, Democrats did not show up the last years either and guess what? Republicans did. 
And, here is the really shitty thing. In the TIME since the Republicans have held the majority in Congress and the Senate they have passed re-districting laws that literally redraw the map of the old counties(Bezirk) to include land area that now includes more Republicans. So, if a residential neighbourhood had more Dems then GOPs the Republicans redrew the map to make the Democrats percentage smaller and the Republican percentage larger with only the same number or units to delegate votes!
This redistricting has even a name, it’s called “gerrymandering”. And, it’s been around since the dawn of democracy all over the world but I have the feeling the US uses it the most. In addition to the above major blow to the Democrats right now in America, the Republicans have recently passed stricter voting ID laws. I know it is hard to believe as a Swiss — but a very large voting group is now ignored in the United States of America on purpose because they may vote more for Democrats.
Less privaleged people in the US - for all sorts of different reasons - perhaps they don’t drive a car, have a valid home address and most importantly can’t afford to pay for the NEW paperwork with processing fees — can not obtain a valid, new Identification Card in order to simply vote in any current elections.
It’s estimated that half a million people from my State of Texas do not meet the requirements to vote with their old ID cards - or other forms of identification. If it is 1/2 a million in Texas, imagine what that number is for the US Nation, 5 million - 10 million - 20 million? These are people who will not have the chance to vote now period in any elections.
So where does “The Don” fit in?
I know what you are thinking now. Let the US Republican’s have the Republican Nominee they deserve with Donald Trump. Eureka!
It’s a nice try but “they” don’t want him.
This measured control that has been exercised by the Republicans - has been a long time in the making. They have methodically planned for years - since the election of President Obama (as each opposing party cyclically does) to make sure they are in the strongest position as a party - to have it their way. And, along came Donald Trump…
The Republicans had their chances to charm Senator Elizabeth Warren a former Democrat, now Republican - representing Massachusetts to run for election. Senator Warren, sadly never threw her hat in the ring. Instead the American public had the sure next Republican Nominee tied up in JEB Bush - who seemed the most suited for the job. 
Along with the musical band of noise makers (Republican Nominee Hopefuls) that were all vying for positions more upwardly then their previous ones in securing the delegate votes, The Don stood out in the debates. 
He made you gasp in horror. He made you laugh. He shocked you. He made fun of other people you made fun of him, he made fun of you. He said what you were perhaps thinking but would never say out loud. Yes, Donnald Tump stood out - but we didn’t think that his “end game” was to really be the Republican Nominee? 
He was promoting a casino, a new show for sure…he had a reason to do this right? He’s Donnald Tump…Whhaaaaaatt? (Waaas?) - he really wants to be the Republican Nominee? And, no one really thought past that. 
The parade of candidates came as fast as they went with Donald Trump - remaining the one everyone remembered after every debate(s). He was/iis the one we read about and talk about because of his insult to so and so - or the outrageous statements about this group of people or that group of people, this government or that government, this plan or that plan…soon to be  all yesterday’s news in the form of a new tweet about -- this country or that country…and BAM a new headline grabbed the next story before you were finished reading the last story.
Not one analyst could predict the “Trump Factor”. I for sometime wondered out loud about Trump to my lebenspartner and told him, “I think Tump may be doing this to help Hilary weed out the Republican competition.” 
Weed out the competition - Trump did indeed…And, in my opinion, it has come down to Trump and Hilary.
Here is my take away from this Shakespearean Taming of the Shrew in Donnald Trump. 
The events of the past days concerning the Republican Party goading Mit Romney to denounce Trump was an utter fail - better luck next time. I can hear the echo of Trump “You two time loser…” ringing in my ears…
As the Republican Nominee, it made Trump even more electable to the delegates I have the impression reading Sunday’s news. 
And, the veiled threats of a Contested Convention or a Brokered Convention? Last time the Republicans had one was Ford/Reagan 76’ and Ford picked up the delegates at the convention needed before the first round of voting.
After the 1st round of voting with no majority winner - the delegates become free agents to use sports terminology - these “free agent” delegates can sign with anyone candidate they then want regardless of their previous choice. A Brokered Convention? That’s the same but with a mediation and no voting. Last time that happened was 1948, I just don’t see a possibility of it ever happening again. But never say never - the process is usually successful as people become more flexible and reasonable over time.
These delegates who have voted now in these primary states for Donald Trump can later theoretically change their minds - if push comes to shove. Let’s pretend that a new, sweeping popular candidate presents themselves - but who are we kidding? That’s not happening.
Donald J. Trump is going to be the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States.
The delegates know that Trump contradicts himself - but does the Republican Party know that it does the same? 
Perhaps the delegates are sending a strong message to the Republican Party that it needs to become a more moderate party, leave a woman’s right to chose up to her, support same sex marriage, look closer at gun rights, welcome non-evangelists (atheists) with open arms and on and on….because obviously times change and so should the Republican Party.
Otherwise, I’m content to lay back and watch how this unfolds. I want to wait and see where this goes before I cast my final ballot for the next POTUS.
Oh, that unwritten diplomatic rule I mentioned in the very beginning…
I guess I still won’t be able to oblige you with criticism of The President of the United States this November being on foreign soil and all. But, I will be able to criticise the Republican Party. Oh do stay tuned…
xoxo sf

Shawne Fielding's thoughts on Donald Trump