Saving Your Life from the Coronavirus

For all my friends and family in the United States of America -- you may want to just scroll to the bottom and read that 1st and decide...

Things I found helpful in the since the end of February staying home and self isolating for 5 weeks.

I can work from home but all Media that I work in is cancelled.
My Check List was…
I got my medications.
I filled up my car but haven’t used it much - just to the grocery store.
I staggered food deliveries weekly so, I always had my groceries “weekly” when I wanted them. Delivery slots filled up here in Switzerland order today receive it in 10 days…
I use disposable vinyl gloves — when I do need to go out — put them on when get out of my car and take them off before I get back in my car — and toss them in a trash bag in my car.
Have tissues — when you sneeze it’s obviously better to catch it, kill it, bin it. I also use them to touch elevator buttons etc…
Stay 6 feet away from everyone — we all are doing it here.
As soon as you get home wash your hands like this…

Hand washing, so important

For information The Johns Hopkins University 

I missed a flight on Jan. 26th to China and there was 0 information on the internet. I found this teacher Dr. John Campbell linkedin.com/in/dr-john-campbell-5256223b on YouTube  - he taught me each day how to protect myself and my family. He deserves a knighthood. Unfortunately some sites are trying to impersonate him so make sure you get him really.

Dr. John Campbell

Swiss Information (you may want to read since we are in the beginning of in the US you are 2-3 weeks behind us)
Our Actual Situation …

US information 

World Health Organisation 

Centers for Disease Control 

If the news depresses you — read a book, Netflix, catch up on work, file your US Tax Returns or get them ready - I’m sure they delay the filing date of April 15th…Go for a walk outside but stay away from other people. If you want to know anything about being on lock down let me know. Like you— all our travel was cancelled by airlines etc…all concerts and event were banned last month - restaurants etc…are closed and I believe we are limited to groups of 5 but I’m not ever with anyone else. Just one of my kids and my spouse. Oh, and don’t worry — school kids started on-line school here at ZIS their school in Zurich yesterday I have a Jr. in HS and an 8th grader. PS there is plenty of toilet paper but we sold out here too…Don’t panic just get the things you need for a week. It is all restocked. And, weirdly, I carry my own pen if I have to sign something. 

This is a 27 min read below if your life is worth 27 minutes then read it. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56

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